New entry system for all competitions from 1st March 2019


The details are as follows:

Members would register their entry to the competition prior to playing by entering their PIN Number into the computer touch screen and then confirming that they are entering the sweep and, if they wish, the “Two’s”. The £2.00/£3.00 entry fee would then be deducted automatically by the system from their card account.

This means that members must have monies on their card account, and they can do this either via the Bar using their Member’s card or via a “PayPal” account. Note that initially members will be allowed to enter 2 competitions without having monies on their card but failure to load the card account thereafter will mean that they are automatically barred from future competitions until they have funded the card account.

Scorecards will be entered as previously using the member’s PIN Number into the touch screen system.

When the competition is closed the system will determine the placings based on strokes/points and handicaps dependent on the type of competition.

The system will also calculate the appropriate split of sweep monies and “Two’s” and will charge the appropriate sums of monies to the winning members’ cards.

Members who are in receipt of competition monies can either leave the sums on their card account or withdraw the cash at the Bar on presentation of their Member’s card.

The current ballot system will still be applicable, but members should note that this will be done on line 2 weeks prior to the competition either remotely or via the Club touch screen. The system will then effect a random ballot selection and the ballot sheet will be displayed both on the website and on the Club Golf noticeboard one week prior to the competition date.

Note that entry to all competitions including the singles, doubles, Captain’s/Vice-Captain’s, members & guest etc. will not use the new system.




Entry money to all competitions will be through your Ravenspark Club Card 

(Enter your pin number and it will come off your card)

Members must pre-enter in computer before teeing off.

Members who does not pre-enter will be disqualified from competition.

If you do not have any money on your card, then you will be covered for the value of £6 for your first two entries

Entry sheets for Single,Fourball and Foursomes will be on the board Saturday 9th March


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Table duty number has changed to 01294 271293 the same as the bar.


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