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Members must now enter their pin number along with their names when requesting a ballot. This will allow the computer to randomly pick the ballots for Saturday competitions. Any member who does not enter their pin number or wrong number will not get a ballot time



  The Walker Putter 4th August 2018                                       Tee Off Times
7.37 P Orr
11:22 A Clark
11:30 C Craig
11:37 J Hobson
11:45 J Owens
11:52 A McKie Snr
12:00 A McKie Jnr
12:07 J Gorman
12:15 R Singleton
12:22 D Smith
12:30 E Gorman
12:37 G Moore
12:45 G Bannerman
12:52 M Dickson
01:00 S Cunningham
01:07 G Cochrane
01:15 B Gibson